Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tropics

Geesh! It's been forever since I posted anything here.

Since last I wrote, I sold my house (finally!) and moved in with my mom in Houston. Most of my life is now in storage. *chuckle* Still seeking that new church God has called me to. Fought my old cranky laptop to a well-earned rest and now have a new computer that I've been busy figuring out. Change! Love it. Hate it. But it's a constant, so I'm doing my best to learn to live with it.

Last year about this time, I commented that I'd noticed that I wasn't quite as hypersensitive to the potential threat of hurricanes as I had been in the previous years. Instead of constantly being sure I was near a tv for The Weather Channel's Tropical Update and wandering through the National Hurricane Center's website multiple times a day, I had found that I could even skip an entire day without feeling edgy.

This year, I've found myself at least roaming the National Hurricane Center's site 2-3 times a day, but for an entirely different reason.

It's DRY!

Much of Texas is under severe drought conditions, and the weather prognosticators in the area keep saying things like "When it gets like this, about the only thing which will break the drought is something tropical." I silently add "depression, just a nice, gentle depression, would be just fine". But I've found that their comments have once again put me a bit on edge and I'm straying back toward a mild obsession of keeping up with the tropics, wanting something to come, but being really picky about what that something is.

"Rain, rain" that some other day has arrived. It's okay if you want to come and visit for just a little bit and give this parched earth some much needed moisture.


Love, Rita said...

We in western Louisiana are in severe drought, as well. Many of us have hesitantly breathed the "H" word out of sheer desperation, but what we really need is a nice stalled tropic depression. A solid week's worth of rain would be just awesome!

Good to see you are still kickin'!

SingingSkies said...

Good to see you're still kickin' as well!

Love, Rita said...

Finally got 2 solid days' worth of rain! Praise God!

SingingSkies said...

We got some nice rain yesterday and a couple of hours on Saturday, but we need more. I washed my car today. Hasn't worked yet! *chuckle*