Friday, February 25, 2011

Alarm Clock

I have a very strange alarm clock.

When I'm snoozin' and cruisin' and don't necessarily need to get up at a certain time, the thing religiously chirps, just once, at 8:28am. It doesn't buzz or make its usual alarm sound. Just a quick chirp. Just enough to break through my slumbers and startle me into awareness.

Now, if I happen to come to awareness at 8:26am and pretend to sleep until 8:28, it doesn't make a sound. I've tested this over a several day period and awareness = no chirp, slumber = chirp.

I haven't the foggiest idea of why it does this. Like most electronics, I understand them just enough to be dangerous and not enough to make any sense of them whatsoever.

It would even make a bit of sense if the clock was actually set to go off at 8:28am and it made the noise whether it was actually set to "alarm" or not.

But no.

The darned thing's set for 8:45am! (Don't remember why I set it for that time, but that's what it says.)

Any suggestions? I'm totally perplexed by this phenomenon!


Love, Rita said...

Your alarm clock is obviously a sentient being with the ability to perceive your state of consciousness.

It's keeping you on your toes, though, isn't it? What does it do at 8:45, the time for which it is actually set?

SingingSkies said...

Oh! Well, the stupid thing never gets the chance because I turn it off before 8:45. If I'm already conscious, it's more annoying than when I'm asleep.

Love, Rita said...

I generally wake about 10-15 minutes before my alarm, too. If I sleep until it goes off, I know I haven't gotten ENOUGH sleep!